February 17, 2019

New Nintendo Games, Spongebob Spinoffs, and Guilty Pleasures | The WHY Cast? (Ep. 4)

On this episode of the WHY Cast?, Cale and GeOm talk about everything revealed in the February Nintendo Direct, a whole slew of comic news, SpongeBob SquarePants gearing up for a crazy 20th anniversary and discussing some of their guilty pleasures and bad habits. 


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Nintendo Direct Recap: 2:00 - 34:45
Jump Force: 34:35 - 42:00
Conan the Barbarian: 42:00 - 44:25
Batman and TMNT Crossover Animation: 44:25 - 50:00
Inside Gaming is back: 50:10 - 55:00
Spongebob Special and Spinoff: 55:00 - 58:00
Big Topic: 58:00 - 1:33:00 (end)

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